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Bowtie is about making something special and trusting the crafts. At Bowtie Menswear, we create bowties for any occasion. From daily wear for the Office, Weddings, Bachelor Parties, Graduations, Church Affairs, sweet 15-"Quinceanera", Sweet 16, Father's Day, Anniversaries, Promotions, Retirement, Dinner Attire, and more. Our bowties are designed as self-tied or pre-tied and they come with silver metal hardware as part of the design to be adjusted. They are custom-made with 100% cotton and other fabric. 

Bow Tie Tapered End: 

Measures Width,  2.5 inches across.

Bow Tie Body Shape: 

Measures width,  2.5 inches across.

Designed in an hourglass shape.


Bow Tie Neckband: 

Together in length measures 21 inches.

Sits around the shirt collar comfortably so it is free from constraint.

Bow Tie Fabric: 

Made in Cotton, Polyester, and Woven.


Silver Metal Hardware: 

Need a bowtie for any occasion?

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