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Here at Bow tie Menswear, we pride ourselves on customer service. In continuing effort to improve, we periodically solicit feedback from our clients. We appreciate our clients for sharing their experience with us on how we're doing in our business and with our products. 

Hey, good afternoon ... I just got my mask ... it is so beautiful ... Thanks soooo much .... God bless your hands and your life.

Laura Estrella

Worth it!! Super comfy and fits great💕😷 we love our mask may god bless the hands that make these mask to protect people from sickness. You’re saving a life with every mask you make and I couldn’t be more grateful for you helping us feel safer through these hard times... Dad loves his mask love you Gil Mercado thank you!!!

Lizette Serrano

Thank you for the beautiful mask Gil, and for the fast service and speedy service.

Bill Forman

Highly recommended! If you’re looking for a good quality mask please check out his website check out his page.

Nichole Serrano


Our masks came!! They were slightly big, (as seen in the pics) but after washing per the care instructions fit absolutely perfect! Jonathan LOVES his Star Wars so much that he said he prefers it to an N95!!! 😍♥️😍♥️ Gil Mercado, you are a true artist and a wonderful friend for making these beautiful masks to keep us safe! Our nanny loves (versus the plain brown tie up one we originally gave her), and we can’t thank you enough for all of the love you put into caring for us and our children. You are a wonderful person, and the quality of your masks is absolutely amazing! Thank you, Gil! ♥️♥️♥️ I get so many compliments and questions on where I got these! 😉

Connie Hadaway

We love our masks! Well made and durable wash after wash! The service was fast and the quality outstanding! I bought them for my family so the quality counts! I have recommended them to my friends and even my boss! So happy I found them!!

Kim Mroczenski


I received my Mask themed with what I Love doing most Cooking and Baking Thank You so Much!

Susie Lugo

Thanks, Gil the masks are great super comfortable and very breathable.


Tony Ross

Thank you for the perfect fit mask Gil Mercado, Bowtie Menswear LLC

Tony Joseph A Pagan Jr.

I received the mask I bought for my husband a couple of weeks ago. It fits him beautifully. Very well made and comfortable for Dick. The mask was shipped promptly and packaged beautifully and professionally. A true pleasure to do business with Gil!

Deb DeBruyn

My mother had sent me some masks. They were made in her community, in Florida, but they were so thin. I'm afraid to wear them. Your masks make me feel much safer. Thanks!

Stephen Richardson 

Gil Mercado, you are such a blessing to make these masks. You are so talented at what you do. I got my mask and it fits so perfectly, and comfortable. I love it ❤️so, I order 2 more masks.


Thank you again and bless you for what you do.

Sheryl Lopez


The masks are one of the bests made in America💖 they are of great quality cotton material and they appeal to others! My dad loves his camouflage mask and I love my Halloween 👻 mask ❤️ no regrets just pure quality and protection! Come get ur mask now! Rona stay awayyyy✋

Shannon Villani

These masks are clearly made to the same high standards as the bowties: carefully sewn and assembled with patterns for every occasion.  I just bought a pair of cat-print masks for my daughter and her husband. (I didn’t see any tiny human-print ones for their cats though.)  

Richard Bidgood


It is very comfortable and breathable your mask is the only mask that I’ve been able to wear for a long period of time. ❤️

 Juana Pastrana