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Bowtie Menswear

Are you our next Testimonial?

Here at Bow tie Menswear, we pride ourselves on customer service. In continuing effort to improve, we periodically solicit feedback from our clients. We appreciate our clients for sharing their experience with us on how we're doing in our business and with our products. 


I received my custom bow ties from Bow tie Menswear, and they over-deliver!! The quality look and quality feel that I get from my bow ties are completely satisfactory! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who loves and appreciates a nice bow te! 

                                                      Thanks, Bow Tie Menswear!

                                                                Jarron Webster

                                                         The Tampa Bow Tie Guy


Just a few days away from my Graduation. I received my handcrafted tailor-made bow tie from Bow tie Menswear. I'm happier than ever. It was an incredible experience by working with Gil in selecting the color and style. I can't wait to share with my friends about Bow tie Menswear. I truly support this brand and their dedication to excellent service.  

Thanks, Bow Tie Menswear!

                                                            Thank you, Gil

                                                        Yoanny Figueredo


“When I needed some bow ties for me and my daughter and son Gil responded almost made immediately 4 bow ties two for me and son and hair bow ties for my daughter's hair. in about 4 days I had them delivered to me in a beautifully gifted box each. ”

                                                                                  Thank you, Gil

                                                                     - Tony Joseph A Pagan Sr.

“ Meticulous workmanship in every bow tie, with caring detail to quality.” 


                                                        Deb DeBruyn



“ Hubby loves the yellow-flowered bow tie I got for him.” 

                                  Cindy Royer Mercer



“ Amazingly detailed work! Gil is very professional and his fabulous creations will surely make the perfect gift. His bow ties are truly a work of art.”

                                                                                    Gigi Morales 


 “ Incredibly professional and the attention to detail is second to none. Truly beautiful work.”

                                                   Ruth Theiler


“ The quality of the work is amazing and very well designed.”

                                                Becky Au

 “ Gorgeous...quality fabric...impeccably sewn and designed!”

                                      Grace Larison Devine

“ Gil is a consummate professional sewist who creates beautiful bow ties! Every one he makes is like his baby and he takes the utmost care and his attention to detail is outstanding! Bow ties will ALWAYS be in fashion and you should expand your wardrobe with Gil’s creations AND think about buying one or more for gift giving!”  

                                                                       Bill Hancock

“ Gil is great at everything he does. But his bow ties are on point and well worth every penny. ”

                                                     Liz Serrano Camacho

Gil offers handcrafted bow ties, in stunning colors, lovingly created, with an artist's eye for patterns and design. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to purchase these beautiful works of art. My son is a bow tie aficionado, and these will make a wonderful gift for him!

                                                                                 Kimber Guzik

I am ABSOLUTELY FLOORED. In my part of the world, such expertise & QUALITY are VERY RARE. And the variety is TO DIE FOR. It really seems that there is no holding back on quality & ORIGINAL designs. Gil bow ties are just LEAGUES AHEAD. They are VERY TEMPTING. Gil bow ties are A MUST HAVE!

                                                                   Pieter Du Toit


“ These are the best bow ties ever. Quality style design is superb. I will be back many more times.

                                                    Thanks so much !!!”

                                                           Cher Elvira


“ When Gil starts a bow tie he already sees the finished product before it's even begun. He puts his everything into making a one of a kind bow tie and his most recent bow tie has class and pizazz in it. EXCELLENT WORK!! ”

                                                               Ranae Allison

“ Beautiful hand-crafted ties that are more wearable art than a simple fashion accessory. ”


                                                                 Dean Meyers


" I would recommend him 100000x, I love that the product is made with so many details and passion. Whenever something is made with love the outcome has to be spectacular just like these products. The customer service is at its finest, ordering is easy I mean the whole process from A-Z was a 5⭐️ Service. "

                                                                 Darile Correa

Excellent products, excellent service!

       -Kimberly Wester- Prabhakar 


Thank you, Gil, for the beautiful skill and enthusiasm in which you employ

In your company. The bowties are gorgeous and beautifully made. I wish you all the success!

                                                             Jody Harrison

Thanks, Gil for the bowties.  They look great and are really well made.  I wore one to a restaurant the day they arrived in the mail and even got compliments.  Makes me want to give away all of my regular ties!  

                                                                     Richard Bidgood

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