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What is a mask with a valve and filter?

An Exhalation valve is designed to release heat air from inside the mask that causes fog glasses and prevents the unpleasant build-up of moisture in the fabric. The filter acts as second protection to help not breathe pollution with tiny particles in the air.

Breathing Air Valve

Suitable for daily use and outdoor activities.

  • Reduces heat breathing, and moisture.

  • Reduce (CO2) Accumulation.

  • Comfortable and smooth.

  • Guide airflow away from the eyes.

  • Reduce fogging in glasses.

  • Made of plastic and silicone filter.

  • Easy to wash and care.

Bowtie Menswear LLC valves.png

Middle Silicone Filter.

Top Air Cover.

Back Air Cover.

Cars in the City

Five Layers Filter Protection

The filter PM2.5 is non-washable. Provides comfort protection for people daily when wearing a mask to help keep away a range of airborne contamination. It was meant to use daily.



1. Non-washable disposable mask filter.

2. Use only with a mask with the interior fabric pocket.

3. High filtration for better help.

4. Made of high-quality material.

5. Easy to insert in the mask pocket.

6. Lightweight, and easy to use.

  • Germ

  • Haze

  • Allergies 

  • City Life Pollution

  • Industrial Pollution  

  • Exhaust Emissions

  • Gardening, craft, even cleaning your home, and much more.

The filter is meant to protect your mouth and nose as you wear a mask.


Second Layer - Filter fabric.

Fourth Layer - Efficient filter fabric.

Third Layer - Activated carbon.

First Layer - Anti-sticking fabric.

Fifth Layer - Anti-sticking fabric.

Bowtie Menswear

Breathing Mask

The mask was designed with you in mind, with three layers of 100% cotton fabric, front, back, and interior pocket. Our masks are not just a mask. They were designed to use daily to breathe while contouring the person's face without a nose bridge wire. They are breathable, reusable, and washable with easy care. The mask helps quickly exhaust air from inside with a valve and filter. Bowtie Menswear masks, were designed all in one for activities such as cycling, running, hiking, office, travel, and other activities like shopping and much more.

White Cotton Fabric


Air Conditioner




washer and dryer


Ear Loops

  • Soft elastic.

  • Designed in white and black.

  • Adjustable Loop lock, black or white.

Nose Design

  • Bridge support

  • Comfortable

  • No poking wire


Breathing Valve 

  • Reduces heat, and moisture breathing.

  • Reduce (CO2) Accumulation.

  • Comfortable and smooth.

  • Guide airflow away from the eyes.

  • Reduce fogging in glasses.

  • Made of plastic and silicone filter.

  • Easy to wash and care.

Chin Design

  • Chin support

  • Stylish

Bowtie Menswear Masks

  • Tailored In Pennsylvania

  • 100% soft cotton fabric.

  • Medium and Large.

  • Made with three layers of 100% cotton fabric. Front, back, and inside pocket.

  • Design in many fabric prints with you in mind.

  •  A valve, and filter.

  • Washable, breathable & reusable.​

Try our mask, we think you will enjoy them as we do, and everyone else.

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