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Bowtie Menswear 

A Story To Tell


Gil Mercado

Chief Executive officer

The story of Bowtie Menswear is a personal one.......

Usually, people always ask what I do. My opportunity is to share the company, my history of sewing, and where I come from. I was born in Puerto Rico; I came to the United States with my mother and twin brother as a kid. I also study many courses including sewing. I enjoy putting patterns together, creating them, sewing for other people, and fixing garments. Living in the United States has given me the freedom of expression to create. I have always been a dreamer, and if I can't find a product in stores, then I have to create it myself.



People always mention I should live in Hollywood because of the style I carry. The truth is, I always wanted to explore Hollywood to live a rich lavish life and own multiple stores on Rodeo Drive, but after thinking of moving there, my life took a temporary turn where I had to be home for a while to recuperate from the hospital.  On August 19, 2015, I had an epiphany about a bowtie and I began thinking about it. So, I grabbed a sketchbook and began creating a bowtie. The more I looked at the picture the more ideas started to sink into my mind. I remember cutting one of my old button-down striped shirts and creating my first bowtie. It was fascinating to see a new product come from something old hanging in my closet.


The next day, I started purchasing supplies online and started creating more bow ties. While healing, if I keep doing the bowties, I can sell them online to be known as a brand. Each day something new and more ideas like a name, website, and design, I realized, that's it, this is a possibility, and that's how Bowtie Menswear came about. Let's face it, I'm not famous or a movie star or live a Hollywood life, but I sure can say, God has given me many talents with his blessings, and a story to tell after a dramatic change like a heart attack. I'm just grateful for the experience in my life.  

As an Innovator, gaining training skills has given me a movement to look forward to growing the company for years to come. My lifetime goal is to conquer the world to be known for who I am, and what the company has become, and have many stores in the world including Redeo drive in Hollywood. 

Thank you for your support,

Gil  Mercado



Most people say I was given the gift of many talents. I tell them, I'm grateful for what life has given me with many opportunities, and the experience I now own. 



My motivation arrives daily looking at the world. The sound of music as I sew in my studio.



Spending time with my family. My three labradors, Coco, Isabel, and Tatina. 


  • Creating and wearing my Bowties designs.

  • Reading the wall streets, and business books.

  • Sewing, cooking, and researching topics.

  • Watching drama movies on Netflix.

  • Shopping, and always make sure my health is right.



  • Modeling - Training started at age 16 in a private school. Began modeling until 22 of age for department stores, private shows, and nightclubs like the limelight in New York. 

  • Business - Study in Assets in Lancaster PA, where I gained more of my training experience in the business, and continue training more online.

  • Cosmetology - Train in Wilfred School Of Beauty, Passaic New Jersey, a full course in cosmetology. 

  • Fashion Tailoring - Train with my family as a kid, kept training at a local college in New York, and New Jersey, in pattern drafting, sewing & designs, and continue training online.

  • Website Design - Self-taught online training, videos, books, and taken private classes, one on one training in person.

  • Retail Management & Sales - Work in many retail department stores, salons, and day spas, and gained more experience in small marketing businesses.



Everyone is born to be creative, use it, and show the world what you made of.


It is brain food, it keeps me creating new designs, stitch by stitch. 


To help others look handsome with a bowtie.



A word shows who you are.


Listen, is calling for help.


When you are here, you become family. 

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