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Bowtie Menswear 

A Story To Tell


Gil Mercado

Chief Executive officer

My first self-tied bowtie was made by me in 2015 from one of my shirts. 


The story of Bowtie Menswear is a personal one.......

Usually, people always ask what I do. My opportunity is to always share the company, my history of sewing, and where I come from. I was born in Puerto Rico with a twin brother. I study many courses including fashion and sewing. I enjoy pattern making and sewing for other people, and fixing garments. Living in the United States has given me the freedom of expression to create, and to be a dreamer. I always told myself, if I can't find a product in stores, then I have to create it myself. 

Bow Tie Menswear LLC, is a company that specializes in custom-made bow ties for various occasions. The company was founded and designed in 2019 by Gil Mercado, who had a vision of creating his brand after recovering from a heart attack. He used his sewing skills and his sewing machine to start making bow ties from his home. He came up with the name "Bow Tie Menswear" after looking at one of his creations and decided to expand his product line and services. His company offers bow ties, and pocket squares in solid colors and print designs, made of 100% cotton, polyester, and other fabric, with silver metal hardware. His bow ties are designed to be self-tied and pre-tied and fit comfortably around the shirt collar. He also provides service accessories for weddings, parties, graduations, and other events.


My mission is not to dwell on something that happens in life but to have faith and keep going strong with a lecture. Today the company continues growing and expanding its online e-commerce store with more possibilities.


Not looking back and only with a memory of how his company came about, my passion for sewing is why Bowtie Menswear is unique on the web with a band-aid in my heart from a dark cloud experience, and now turned into a beautiful, blessed bowtie company. 


As an Innovator, I gain training skills from past experiences to take forward to growing the company for years to come with a lifetime goal to conquer the world, by opening stores in Hollywood, New York, and someday in Paris.

Thank you for your support,

Gil  Mercado

How Bowtie Menswear  Got Started.




My motivation arrives daily by looking at the world. The sound of music as I sew in my studio.



Spending time with my family, and with my three labradors, Tatina, Coco, and Isabel.


  • Wearing my fashion brand Bowties designs.

  • Reading the wall streets, and business books.

  • Sewing, cooking, and researching topics.

  • Watching drama movies on Netflix.

  • Shopping, and always making sure my health is right.



As the president of the company, I have a responsibility to guide and inspire my team members, communicate our vision and goals clearly, and foster a culture of excellence and innovation. I believe that leadership is not only about managing tasks and resources but also about empowering people and creating a positive impact. I strive to lead by example, to listen and learn from feedback, and to constantly improve the company.



My strategy for the company is to focus on three main areas: innovation, customer satisfaction, and sustainability. I believe that by investing in these aspects, we can create a competitive advantage and achieve our goals. Innovation means developing new products and services that meet the needs and expectations of our target market. Customer satisfaction means ensuring that we deliver high-quality solutions and provide excellent support and service. Sustainability means reducing our environmental impact and contributing to social causes that align with our values.


Communication Skills:

My communication skills are an essential part of my role as the chief executive officer. I am responsible for ensuring that all stakeholders are informed of the project status, risks, and issues. I use various tools and methods to communicate effectively, such as email, phone, video conferencing, and presentations. I also tailor my communication style and content to suit the audience and purpose. My communication for the company aims to build trust, collaboration, and alignment among the project team and other parties involved.

  • Modeling - Started at age 16 in a private school. Began modeling until 22 of age for department stores, private shows, and nightclubs like the limelight in New York. 

  • Business - Assets in Lancaster PA, training in the business, and continuing training more online.

  • Cosmetology - Wilfred School Of Beauty, Passaic New Jersey, a full course in cosmetology. 

  • Fashion Tailoring - Learned with my family as a kid, kept training at a local college in New York, and New Jersey, in pattern drafting, sewing & designs, and continue training online.

  • Website Design - Self-taught online training, videos, books, and taken private classes, one on one training in person.

  • Retail Management & Sales - Worked in many retail department stores, salons, and day spas, and gained more experience in marketing businesses.




Everyone is born to be creative, use it, and show the world what you made of.


It is brain food, it keeps me creating new designs, stitch by stitch. 


To help others look handsome with a bowtie.



A word shows who you are.


Listen, is calling for help.


When you are here, you become family. 

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