Bowtie Menswear 



G Mercado



I was born in Puerto Rico, in Aguadilla. A Caribbean island and unincorporated U.S. territory with a landscape of mountains, waterfalls, and the El Yunque tropical rain forest with beautiful fish and the warmest blue-rich waters. My culture is very talented in many things including cooking delicious food and pastries. The people are friendly and have a passion to make awesome art that symbolizes our culture. We also have a strong faith in God. At a young age, my mom, and twin brother, and I move to The United States where we all began our lives. As for me, growing up with other families I knew I was different from most of my cousins. I always was one of those kids who always wanted to spend time with the grownups. I really didn't care too much about playing with other kids but instead choose to learn from my mom, and aunt, as they both use to sew. Just by looking at them how they handle the fabric was amazing too. Plus the sound I always heard of the needle going down and up and fabric moving back with a beautiful stitch. I can't explain but something about the sound a sewing machine makes as it sews I will never know why I like it so much. 

​As an Innovator, I'm always thinking of new ideas with a technique to bring to my store. I always been a dreamer, and believe more is better in many things. One if you train yourself in something you can do it better than the first time, and second you don't have to depend on someone else to help you when you learn something new, and third, you can create something to look good for a special event. I study at many local trade schools with many courses to prepare myself for life.​ I also love other specialties training I receive I'm grateful for what I also have learned. Living in the United States has given me the freedom of expression to create and to share with the world. No, I'm not famous and I never been to Hollywood, but I sure can say God has given me many talents, a story to tell, and a new beginning in life, plus little by little the world is getting to know me for who I am. Someday, my goal is to conquer the world and be known for what I do with my brand. Stay blessed!


Most people say I was given the gift of many talents. I just tell them, I'm grateful for what life has given me with many opportunities, and the experience I now own. 



My motivation arrives daily looking at the world. The sound of music when I listen to people sing and on vacation walking in a Miami nightclub VIP Dj booth.



Spending time with my family. My three labradors, Coco, Isabel, and Tatina. 


  • Reading the wall streets, and business books.

  • Sewing, cooking, and researching topics.

  • Watching drama movies on Netflix.

  • Shopping, and always making sure my health is right.

  • Thanking God for everything, because life is a test we all have.



  • Modeling - Training started at 16 in a private school. Began modeling until 22 of age for department stores, private shows, and nightclubs like the limelight in New York. 

  • Business - Study in Assets in Lancaster PA, where I gained my training experience in the business, and continue training more online.

  • Cosmetology - Train in Wilfred School Of Beauty, Passiac New Jersey, a full course in cosmetology. 

  • Fashion Tailoring - Train with my family as a kid, kept training at a local college in New York, and New Jersey, in pattern drafting, sewing & designs, and continue training online.

  • Website Design - Self-taught online training, videos, books, and taken private classes, one on one training in person.

  • Retail Management & Sales - Work in many retail department stores, salons, and day spas, and gained more experience in small businesses.



Everyone is born to be creative, use it, and show the world what you made of.


It is brain food, it keeps me creating new designs, stitch by stitch. 


To help others look handsome with a bowtie.



A word shows who you are.


Listen, is calling for help.

When you here, you're family. Stay Bless!