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 Bowtie Easy Care

At Bowtie Menswear, we recommend you take care of your bowtie accessories with a 1-3 care process. 


Our bow ties are easy to wear and tie and will make a great first impression.  Your bowtie comes in a clear plastic seal bag. When is time to wear it,  first, measure your neck and adjust the neckband to your size. Then give it a light press, and enjoy your self-tied or pre-tied bowtie.

Taking care of your bowtie is as important as how to tie one in order to maintain its shape. 


 Washing Maintenance

1. Wash the bowtie by itself, and by hand.


2. Use gentle laundry detergent. We recommend Woolite dark defense

3. By adding 1/4 teaspoon of white vinegar when rinsing the bowtie, will freshen up and help colors maintain their intensity in the fabric.

4. Use cold or tepid water. 60°F- 100°F (16°C- 38°C)

5.  Never use bleach.

6. Never machine dry. ( Only dry  flat )



Block Your Clean Bowtie

After you wash your bowtie, you will most likely need to squeeze excess water with a towel and lay flat to air dry to maintain the shape.


Store Your Bowtie

Help your bowtie stay as nice as the first day you received it. 

  • Never add your favorite cologne direct to the bow tie, it can stain, discolor and weaken the fiber.

  • Please, please never pull on a thread on your bowtie, it will weaken the woven fabric. Just grab a pair of scissors and cut the threads. 

  • High steam to refresh the fabric and always iron with a pressing cloth to remove fabric wrinkles at low heat temperature.

  • Never hang your bow tie with wrinkles when not being used, instead, you can fold the neckband closely together and store it in a special place like a dresser or in a box with all your bow ties in a laundry 

  • Lastly, Never lend out your bow tie to someone, because they are your pride and joy by collection.

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