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We Say, Once You Start Wearing A Bow Tie. You Start Wearing Many.

Everything daily in our studio starts with our Juki machine. A template, supplies, and skills by hand. 


As a tailored bow tie designer, we enjoy creating unique men's accessories. Every bow tie is unique. The bow tie is a traditional necktie that goes back in fashion since the beginning of the 19th century. As time goes on, every bow tie continues changing in many colors, textiles, and shapes to bring out the best in a bow-tied. We love what we do, that's why we keep making them.


We only work with Juki products to continue building our business and our brand.

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A modern self-tied and pre-tied usually sits on top between the front of the shirt collard. A bowtie can You can dress formal or casual. The difference between all, self-tied ties into shoelace knot, the pre-tied is already made, and the bowtie clip-on, clips onto each of the front tip collard. They're made in many fabric types, cotton, satin, polyester, and specialty fabric. No matter what choice, a bowtie can give you a style of expression.

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A Visual Of Our Brand.


When we draft a new design, we start by imagining the purpose, and the bow-tie design a man will look his best. 

Every bow tie is handcrafted. We cut most bow ties individually from two or four pieces together. Our bow ties are hand-cut with scissors, and not in a stack with machines like most companies. So no other bowtie looks the same, only the shape but not in the pattern. We think to create our bowties this way, is our freedom of expression that shows our style with uniqueness.


What Makes A Good Bowtie?

Choosing the right fabric is important to maintain structure and shape.


We designed around anything that catches our eye. When a sample is made, it goes into the production process for 2-3 business days.


Once a sample is finalized, the first step is making more of the same design in small-batch production. The second step is to handsewn our labels and add the garment tags, steam press, and put them in our packaging. The last step is to promote in Bowtie Menswear website newly designed. Then we followed the same steps with a newly designed.


We choose woven, cotton, polyester, and sometimes satin. Working with these types of fabric gives our bow tie a better structure and appearance. We like how each fabric typed tells a story on how it is made from the natural fiber to how it is made.



When it comes to sewing, the color and quality of the thread are crucial. At our facility, we exclusively use Guitermann products, which are made in Germany and known for their superior tensile strength, durability, and resistance to dust and needle breakage. 


We particularly recommend polyester thread, which is a versatile synthetic option suitable for most machines, especially industrial ones. This type of thread is perfect for stretchy fabrics like our Polyester, which has a wax or silicone finish that makes it easy to manipulate as it is sewn together. Ultimately, our choice to use Guitermann thread ensures that our finished products are both visually stunning and long-lasting.



Every designer has a name. Every garment including accessories has a trademark logo label. It's what people identify as the designer. In today's world, we're sharing our tailored technique with you on how our products are made.

Each bowtie we produce has lots of skills. We hot steam press, to give shaping and strength. We use clear starch to maintain the shaping as well. When they become entirely done, we also handsewn our logo signature label, and add a garment care tag when they are finished. 

Bowtie Menswear LLC, Garment Tags .jpg


Cotton is a natural fiber produced by a plant from its seedpod. To make cotton fabric, it undergoes a cleaning process, is divided into yarns and threads, and transformed into white fabric. This fabric is versatile and can be dyed in numerous colors, and combined with other fabric types to create yarn for sweater making. Additionally, cotton fabric is durable even when wet. 


Our company specifically chooses to design bow ties using cotton because of its softness, natural properties, and production in the United States. We appreciate the strength and malleability of cotton fabric when shaping the bowtie, and love the variety of patterns available. By following simple garment care instructions, you can enjoy a long-lasting and stylish bowtie.




Did you know that polyester is made from recyclable plastic and is used in the manufacturing of many products, such as clothing, home furnishings, industrial fabrics, computer and recording tapes, and electrical insulation? Polyester has several advantages over traditional fabrics like cotton. For example, it is naturally resistant to stains due to its low absorbency. Polyester clothing can also be preshrunk during the finishing process, which means the fabric won't shrink or stretch out of shape. Additionally, the fabric is easily dyeable and not damaged by mildew. When designing our bow ties made of polyester, we take all of these factors into consideration. We also use a pressing cotton cloth to maintain the fabric's shape and avoid any shining.


Woman hand holding Pet Chips Semi Dull,P



Woven fabric is a type of textile produced by interlacing multiple threads at right angles to each other. It is commonly created using a loom or factory machine and comprises of threads woven on a warp and a weft. Large machines are typically used to produce fashion-woven fabrics, which can support big rolls of bobbin threads to create long rolls. When designing our bowties, the texture and color of woven fabric make it a special material to work with. However, it's important to note that this type of bowtie design may require special care and handling by professional dry cleaners.

A close up of weaving machine. A loom ma



Our Passion Is Sewing

Self-tied bow ties are meant to give the impression that you put in the effort to create them. These bow ties have a metal slider that can adjust to fit your neck size and sit neatly under your collar. The style, fabric, and design of the bow tie are also important factors to consider. There are various types, like diamond and bat wings, and they are usually hand-cut or machine-cut on the bias of the fabric. A soft stabilizer is added to enhance their durability and structure.


Pre-tied bow ties are similar to self-tied but they come already made. They are already made with a neckband that comes with a metal slide to be adjusted to neck size.


Pocket squares come in a variety of sizes, styles, and fabrics and are designed to be worn in the breast pocket of a suit.t of a suit.


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