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once you start with a bow tie.


You start wearing many.

Everything starts daily with our sewing machine. A template, supplies, and skills to create men's accessories. As tailored bow tie designers, we enjoy creating bowties for every event and daily wear. The bow tie is a traditional necktie that goes back in fashion since the beginning of the 19th century. As time goes on, every bowtie continues changing in many colors, texture, and shapes to bring out the best in a bow-tied.

Are you probably asking yourself, why a bow tie?

A modern self-tied and pre-tied usually sits on top between the front of the shirt collard. You can dress formal or casual. The difference between all, self-tied ties into shoelace knot, the pre-tied is already made, and the bowtie clip-on, clips onto each of the front tip collard. They're made in many fabric types, cotton, satin, polyester, and specialty fabric. No matter what choice, a bowtie can give you a style of expression.

Our tools and sewing machines we only use in the studio to create our bowties.

A Visual Of Our Brand.

When we draft a new design, we start by imagining the purpose, and the bow-tie design a man will look his best. 

Every bow tie is handcrafted. We cut most bow ties individually from two or four pieces together. Our bow ties are hand-cut with scissors, and not in a stack with machines like most companies. So no other bowtie looks the same, only the shape but not in the pattern. We think to create our bowties this way, is our freedom of expression that shows our style with uniqueness.

What Makes A Good Bowtie?

Choosing the right fabric is important to maintain structure and shaping.

 Quality Material, & Accessories.

The Design

We designed around objects that catch our eyes. The color is important as our Guitermann threads. This includes the finest woven fabric, cotton, polyester, satin, silks to bring out the best bowtie to our vision of the design.

A Sample

When a sample is made, it goes in the production process up to 2 -3 business days. Finally, so many are being made to promote on Bowtie Menswear website. Then we follow the same steps again with a new design.

Our Signature

Every bow tie we produce deserves a name. Each made with many skills. Constantly steam press that gives strength with shaping. As they become completed, a signature label is handsewn. Lastly,  a care garment tag when they are finished.




Pre-Tied - Bow Ties.

Quality is important to us. We thought about everything, from the design to a quick put on and take off. The bowtie is designed in a traditional style, rounded on one side and tapered on the other. The bowtie can be adjusted to fit neck sizes from 13 up to 18. We make them this way to give an impression of a self-tied. They come with three-part metal hardware, a hook, an eye, and a slider in silver. We add the hardware eye in the back left side of the bowtie, and the hook with a slider on the neckband, so it can sit under the button shirt collar comfortably.



  • ( Style )-Pre-Tied Bowtie

  • Length: 4" 1/2

  • Height 2"

  • Metal silver hardware

  • Tailored In America

  • Neck belt is adjustable at full length: 22

The style, fabric, and design play an important role when creating our self-tied. The bow tie fabric is hand-cut on the bias and a soft stabilizer that gives strength and doesn't make them rigid. Each tapered bowtie is the same, but only one is slightly longer than the other with a metal slider to be adjusted to the neck size to sit under the collard nicely. We produce the bow ties this way so a person can have the movement freely.


  • ( Style )-Self-Tied Bowtie

  • Tailored In America

  • Is adjustable to fit neck size: 14-18


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