We Are Bowtie Menswear 

The company that designed bow ties.

We Didn't Discover The Bowtie.

We Simply Created Our Own To Share With You And The World!

Bow ties are a formal expression. They are worn by an individual person who seeks to dare to be different including many artists.


Here in our sewing studio, when we think about fashion, a bow tie can say a lot about a man. Looking at his bow tie is like looking deep inside his eyes with a fabric pattern. Somedays, he can feel plain in colorful cotton, or satin and some are just a picture-perfect bow tie with paisley. Throughout the week, he might wear a self-tied for a dressier look or a pre-tied with faded jeans and button shirt for a casual look for the office. No matter what he chooses, a bow tie dresses a man for daily wear or for a special event with all eyes on him.


We say, show your style, wear a bow tie, tailored in America by Bowtie Menswear and all eyes will be on you when you wear one of ours. We guarantee it.

Back To Black With Classic

 Every man should own a black self-tie. For proms, weddings, special events, dinner attire, and to visit the opera. When wearing one of ours, you want all eyes on you, and people asking, who's that in that classic. 

Welcome to Bowtie Menswear.

When you here,  you're family!




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