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Every day is a story we live in. Having a mask is a way of protecting ourselves.

The workplace is the daily second life we all have. No matter whom you work for and where the company is located, we still have to travel, From one place to another dealing with other humans. Whether you work for an international corporation, a retail store, or a local restaurant in your city or as a business owner. It comes down to one thing. The uniform, even if is just a black mask. 


Stylish Workplace Mask

Design in black for all-day use, with triple layers fabric with an inside filter pocket. Made in size medium and large. The mask comes with one MP2.5 filter. Our logo is sewn in the back hidden, so only yourself and your company representing each other in the workplace environment.

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  • 100% cotton black fabric.

  • Inside filter pocket.

  • No nose wire.

  • Breathable, and lightweight.

  • Washable, and multiple uses.

  • Made in Medium and Large.

  • Soft comfort polyester, cotton elastic, and silicone slider for extended wear.

  • Environment-friendly mask.

  • Unisex-designed for women and men.

  • Works great for indoors and outdoor use.

Product Care

Machine washable in a gentle cycle with warm water. No bleach, chlorine, and fabric softeners if prefer. Hang to air dry.

Washing Machine Repair
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