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Using plastic bags can be easy to carry your things and groceries, but do you know all plastic bags hurt us, and most travel everywhere including the ocean, hurting our fish lives as they swim thinking plastic bag is food. Have you ever walked down the beach, at the edge between the water and sand, and stumbled with a dead fish? Make you think, the fish was old. But really, that is not the answer. Do you mean, the fish die because of plastic bags. The ocean is full of trash we call plastic. Today, I am Involved to help inform you so you can also help because is not fair for the ocean, us, and the world!


This year, I decided to take a part-time job at my local supermarket store in my town. While working there, I have seen that most bags are convenient because they are there at the end of the converter belt by the register. But I also have seen many problems with these bags, they are made very thin, poorly, and most of the time, they don't work as they should. Most of the time, I have to double the bags so the groceries don't fall thru the bottom of the bag creating a mess on the floor from a broken tomato sauce bottle. To me, that's embarrassing because my company, the supermarket store I work for, only wants customers to have a good experience while shopping with us, and not just that, most customers spend a total of $100-$300, even $500 per sale. That's a lot of money for food. Money that they save monthly to buy what they enjoy cooking, and when a product breaks, our company takes a loss to replace back to our customer bag to make sure they are happy. That's not acceptable for a plastic bag. Besides, plastic is not just creating a problem but in the environment somewhere in our homes as well. 

Another problem is, most customers prefer to take everything by hand or put it back into the shopping cart and take it to their car without bags because they are getting overwhelmed with plastic bags, and while other customers prefer paper bags for their cold products like ice cream for packaging, another problem because those bags have to be burned to be recycled creating toxic fumes that go up into the air we breathe. While we are on the subject of plastic and paper bags. Most recycled plant companies' are so packed with the trash that it will take weeks, sometimes months to recycle the same bags most supermarkets offer to the customer to take groceries to the house taking a small space somewhere hanging in another bag in a corner of the kitchen looking disorganized. 


Plastic Polluted Ocean
Plastic Bag on Beach


Garbage Factory


No more plastic for us, only cotton.

We started creating our bags because we understand how important is to us and our oceans with sea lives. Our bags are made with cotton fabric that can be washed, multiple-use, folded, and put in your closet for your next shopping experience with a touch of fashion. But most importantly, they are not landing in the ocean like a plastic bag. How nice is that?  So if you want to help the world with the crisis of plastic bags, and start with cotton bags, and end the plastic. Is better for us and you, and our water oceans with sea lives. Rady to start? take a look at our bags. 

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