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What Makes Our Skin So Different?

Have you ever heard " Like baby skin? " When we firstborn, we do not expose to the sun, and our skin is soft with natural oils. We get a bath in baby natural soaps. 


 We are adding these beautiful soap bars to our zero waste handmade products selection.
All the soaps are handmade with the highest quality ingredients. Each processes the same but made differently. 
All the soaps are cold processed and comply with all the latest FDA cosmetics regulations.

Use a natural quality product handmade soap. 


When you are buying a body wash or shampoo, the first thing you’ll notice is the smell. If you love to smell great all day this Body Wash and Shampoo for you.
This fragrance has a spicy citrus blend. This scent contains top notes of pink lime, bergamot leaves, and tangerine. Middle notes of cinnamon bark, limewood, and sage. Vetiver and orange flower comprise the dry down.
Very Sexy...yes he is!



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