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Five Layers Filtered Protection

The filter PM2.5 is to be used for the fabric mask. Is non-washable. Provides comfort protection for people daily when wearing a mask to help keep away a range of airborne contamination. It was meant to use daily.

Universal PM2.5 

  1. Non-stick liner

  2. Melt-blown particle protection

  3. Activated Carbon layer

  4. Melt-blown particle protection

  5. Non-stick liner

More Filter Details

1. Non-washable disposable mask filter.

2. Use only with a mask with the interior fabric pocket.

3. High filtration for better help.

4. Made of high-quality material.

5. Easy to insert in the mask pocket.

6. Lightweight, and easy to use.

​8. Helps block the intake of allergens pathogens, harsh pollutants, and odors.

PM2.5 Filter



  1. Germ

  2. Haze

  3. Allergies 

  4. City Life Pollution

  5. Industrial Pollution  

  6. Exhaust Emissions

  7. Gardening, craft, even cleaning your home, and much more. 


Your MP2.5 filter should be replaced when the following condition occurs:

  • The surface of the filter is damaged.

  • The filter turns a darker color.

  • When the filter is contaminated such as droplets are outside of the filter.

  • When the filter becomes damp or humid.

Always inspect the filter before each use to ensure there are no holes and no damage. Failing to follow all instructions of use for the mask can reduce effectiveness.

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