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We Create Beautiful Things For You!

As Gil always says, if we can't find in-stores, I guess we plan and have it made by us. When we think about fashion, we think about the fabric, threads, and us acting differently from other mask makers pushing the button with or style. From the color, we enjoy working with, to the strength of the fabric. Most importantly, putting it together making sure it can work with our vision of the MASK designed

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The Mask Process

Creating our mask isn't difficult. Is the same process as our bow ties by tailoring and skills. From cutting fabric to sewing and pressing. Each is made with so much care that when they are finished they look spectacular. But most importantly, a well-fitted mask will hug your face, covering both nose and chin with no obvious gaps. Everyone's face is shaped differently, so is also important the size of the mask so It can fit well and feels comfortable.


We recommend multiple layers of fabric. A well-fitting cloth mask should have at least two layers and interfacing of tightly-woven fabric. A third layer provides additional protection as an inside pocket for a filter if desire. 

It Has To Be Strong

By working with good threads, we think it holds the stitch well in fabric. Strength and colors are important to work together for a successful project. We also like that is less cleanup to do in our bobbin hook, and yet thin, and powerful enough to work with.

Ear Elastic

No more guesswork in what size elastic. We made it easier so the mask sits comfortably. Our cotton and polyester elastic are all in one. Better quality, stretch, strength, and will bounce back in place, and softness after every wash. So this also means no more irritation around your ears with our mask. We think of every detail in our Bowtie Menswear brand so the elastic is as important as the fabric.


Elastic Silicone Lock Band

We like to make everything easier. By adding the ear loops silicone lock band with the elastic you have control of how tight you want the elastic to be while wearing your mask. 


Our Signature

Everything we do, we make with love and you in mind, so our name has to be on it, after all, it is our brand that you like and what we do.

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