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Moody Male Model

Chin to the jawline.

From one ear to the other.

Top nose bridge to the chin. 




A person's facial structure is different from everyone's. A mask is effective if is worn correctly and the proper size. With our mask, we want you to feel comfortable wearing it.

Here at Bowtie Menswear, our masks are designed in medium and large while contouring the face with a touch of fashion. We also make our masks in a plain color, and with a print. With or without breathing valves, and two or three layers of 100% cotton fabric. Our mask comes with adjustable elastic white or black ear loops rubber cylinders.


To know your size simply follow the 1-2-3 steps with a flexible measurement tape. Start by the centreline of your face nose. When you feel your measurements are close to our masks size, then the choice is yours by the size you select. If you can ask a friend to help, it would be helpful. The tape measure should be snug against your skin, not tight. Okay, let's get started.


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