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Helping With A Mask

Sewing for me is my brain food, it keeps me going. It has been quite some time since the Juki machine, and I have spent lots of days and nights working together making sure masks are being made to help. I also thought how else can I help. Well since I make masks for the people why not do something extra by creating a specialty animal mask line to help our little furry friend. If the Juki machine could speak, it would say it has the same passion as me for tailor mask making. Let me share more of what I'm doing. 

 Isabela, Coco, and Tatiana

A Story To Tell.

Most people love dogs and cats, but sometimes just can't live with them anymore for some reason. So they are taken to an animal shelter hoping for someone to adopt. While the animal sits there waiting for the second adoption, the shelter can only keep a pet for some time, because not too much space to keep them and not enough other things like food, so the pet, not all the time is lucky, and that's when they put to sleep without hope. Other times people move and leave the pet behind taking just memories. In other countries, animals are being abused and used for food. Some are used for creating furry stuff animals with cats to resell at the truck stops tourism for high profit. Yeah, you saw them on the glass shelf too. Some companies run tests on animals in human products to create a name brand I won't mention but meanwhile, those companies are making lots of money but our animals are being hurt. They also create clothes that are high ticket prices and maybe use once or twice for some red carpet event. In some cities, and in yours, occasionally you see dogs and cats walking the streets distressed looking for food, even a place to rest in a cold winter but instead, it becomes sicker and dies in some alley from hunger without survival.


Do you think this is right? Let me keep sharing more with you because I want my voice to be heard in the world. Some dogs are trained to dissolve other dogs like in dogfighting when it should be only to be love and to protect them, not use for winnings  

which is Illegal.


Just by purchasing a mask with a filter, a small portion of the sales will invest to build a place to give them hope, love, and a second chance in animal life. They will be given a special name, a Tag license, and they will be treated with proper medication, nourishment, and anything they need including lots of love within a gated community own by Bowtie Menswear LLC, where the animal will be free and live for the rest of his life. Creating this plan will not just help the animal but help stop animal cruelty and become part of our lives. We will also help by rescuing animals from everywhere without restrictions. Think of this help as adoption but us doing the work. After all, dogs and cats are like kids but with lots of hair seeking love from humans! Together we can help, and make a difference in the animal's life.

Woof, Fetch, Good Doggy.



The filter mask is a versatile accessory and it comes with two Mp2.5 filters. It can be worn for indoors, and outside activities with your favorite furry friend in public. The mask is also stylish and has a built-in pocket for the filters. You can purchase filters separately on

Providing our mask design to you, not only it will help to stop the spread of Covid-19, but also help us to achieve our goal by helping our dogs and cats. When the current mask design is gone, another will be available to be promoted. We also offer free shipping when you buy five at a time and more. 



Our Mask

  • Breathable, Multiuse & comfortable

  • One size fits most

  • Inside pocket for filter

  • 100% Lightweight cotton fabric

  • Machine washable/Quick dry


Closeup of a Black Dog


  • Sun

  • Wind

  • Insects

  • Particles

  • And more


Thank you for helping Us.


In memories of

Vivian & Claudia.

They were mixed breed and sisters, best friends and always made sure they were there for each other. Thank you for the opportunity to be your owner. I will always love you!!

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