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Industrial Chemical Plant

Air pollution like gas and other chemicals that keep traveling in the world, only be contaminating the air we breathe without being stopped, will only expose us to an epidemic to fall in sick.

The City Life

Living in a big city can be beautiful. Breathing small dust particles, pollen, and other hazards coming from everywhere that no one sees will be harmful to all of us.

Daily Life

Companies, daily traveling, and city life interacting with each other performances affect us. Everyone's DNA is different, is what set's us apart. The air we breathe by walking through smog air. This type of contamination, simply means, we are put in a position to get weaken, with the air we can't touch and stop, only inhaled as it keeps spreading its destination into our systems. Without masks, we are at risk and exposed to bacteria and viruses. 

Bowtie Menswear

Fashion Dust Masks

Mask Benefits

Cutting Fabric
  • Protect yourself from dust, pollen, and other hazards.

  • Handmade in America, and sewn with an Industrial Juki for quality stitch.

  • Easy to take care of.

  • Washable and multi used.

  • Non-Medical CDC Recommended for General Public.

Mask Fabric

Silk Rolls
  • Hand select fabric, and individually designed cut.

  • 2 or 3 multiple layers of fabric sewn together.

The outer layer-  Front fashion fabric with interfacing for shaping.

The middle layerMiddle cotton fabric.

The back layer-  Back pocket fabric.

Mask Elastic

  • Elastic ear loops for easy attachment and comfortable fitting. 

  • The elastic band is made of polypropylene, durable, and soft.

  • Strong elasticity and flexibility.

  • Comfortable enough on your skin.

Mask Packaged

  • ​Packaged in Holographic Zipper Barrier Bag.


Is a simple way to breathe clean air, and helping those around you without contamination.

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