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In the year 2019, I started a sewing project by creating bow ties from home, where I took one bedroom and made it into a studio to produce the Bowtie Menswear brand. This was supposed to be a hobby and since then, the hobby kept growing that turned into an e-commerce online business that has grown. I created an enormous amount of bow ties taking up more space in my room, and leaving very little space for all my industrial sewing machines to operate to run this business. So this is why I need your help because together we can make the Bowtie Menswear bring it into the public eyes.


Having a storefront with a backroom will benefit me because I can work in the back room while having a front room for customers to give them attention to details with bowties.


  • Lots of space for a long table to cut fabric patterns. 

  • The Juki sewing machines production.

  • Pressing steam tables. 

  • The fabric, bowties hardware, and threads supplies.

  • Retail bowties inventory.

  • Bowties packaging, mailing, and other office supplies.

  • Space for a mini kitchenette for coffee, water drinks, and dishes. 



Imagine from the outside looking in a large window at our logo with beautiful bow ties. As you open the door, a beautiful white marble floor with a rug and the Bowtie Menswear logo will approach you with a greeting, hello welcome to Bowtie Menswear. As you are in the store, bright white walls with floating lights display the bow ties as they are hung beautifully.


A large wood counter and glass L-shape invite you to place a private tailor design bowtie with a matching pocket square ready to be paid with cash, and most credit cards including PayPal online invoices if prefer to be sent by email. While looking around, tables with pocket squares and other bowties. A sitting area with large TV, while listening to music as you wait to pick up your new bowtie made to order, and so much more. 

Construction worker

We have plans,

We have ideas, and We need your help.

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Join me today to raise $250000 for the Bowtie Menswear store project. With a small gift contribution of $25, $50, $100, or $300, You will help to establish a new store location, help to purchase supplies, paid for the construction, and other important things like rent, electricity, and furniture as the store is getting built. 


As I continue planning, operating from home, and drinking a daily cup of coffee, I think having my business in the public eyes will also bring back the bow ties style from the past and into the future. After all, something that was made in the past can be back in style with my touch of style.

" With God, All Things Are Possible "


Thank you for your support, and your gift.

Gil  Mercado

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Your donation is appreciated.