Today our world is under a crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a business, we are doing our part by working fast to deliver masks to customers. We also took precautions with our ways of doing things, like washing our hands and wearing gloves. Wiping down our area, including the sewing machines, and when we are sewing, we wear our masks throughout the process. We also started repackaging our products to be sanitary and they are sent out with tracking numbers to be delivered within five working days. We recommend treating your mask as you usually with your personal garments, and we have instructions on our website. 

We encourage to follow these steps to stay safe.

  1. Wash your hands frequently and carry with you a hand sanitizer.

  2. Always cough into your nose disposable tissue, and do not use a handkerchief to prevent carrying germs around.

  3. Never touch your face, only at home in the morning and at night when washing.

  4. Keep a distance from others.

  5. If you think you have Covid-19, call your family doctor to follow their instructions, and stay at home or 911.

  6. Wear a face-covering whenever around others, and when traveling.

  7. Remember it is your life and others you trying to take care of. 


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